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Why Choose ²D?

Why Choose 2D?

A professional, local company

2D Carpet Cleaning is a local South Devon company based in Topsham and serving the local communities around Exeter. Trained to an exceptionally high level in Carpet Cleaning and Carpet and Fabric Care consultancy by the Cleansmart Training Academy, we provide a very high level of service at a very reasonable price. 

Why Choose 2D?

Why Choose ²D?

There are other Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners out there as well as DIY options on the market so why choose ²D? A lot of our competitors will simply clean every carpet or suite in the same way. This increases the risk of accidental damage in your home that is completely avoidable. As part of our service, where possible we identify the fabrics and materials we are working on using a number of methods; this is key to making sure that we use the right chemicals to achieve the best result possible for you.

Did you know that the DIY options available, as well as a lot of professional cleaners, will leave a high level of detergent in your carpets and furniture?

These detergents often have a high level of acidity or alkalinity which over time can affect colours and softness of fabrics. These acids and alkalines can also have an adverse reaction when in contact with your skin, causing irritation and rashes to body areas that come in to contact with them. At ²D we always ensure that we leave everything we have cleaned in a PH neutral state which ensures no risk to you and your family as well as protecting the vibrancy and softness of your carpets. 

Why our Service is Better

Its important to know what service you are going to get when you recieve a quote so always make sure you ask. Our carpet cleaning is a process designed to clean and maintain you carpets and fabrics to the highest standard:

  1. We start by applying a Pre-spray cleaning solution 
  2. Then we use our industrial hot water extraction machine to pump water, bacterial deodorizer and a rinse agent in to the carpet pile
  3. Almost as soon as the water is pumped in to the pile it is extracted again by the high power vacuum
  4. This process extracts almost 90% of all water almost immediately ensuring that the carpet is effectively rinsed and the carpet is left clean and importantly in a PH neutral state
  5. Importantly your carpets will dry quickly due to the majority of the water having been removed by our industrial machines. In Summer, carpets can be dry in as quick as 4 – 5 hours
  6. As a final service we use a pile brush to ensure you carpets look as close to new as possible!

Cleansmart Training

Trained by the Cleansmart Training Academy to the highest level, we have undergone intensive learning regarding the wide range of fabrics and weave types on the market over the last 30 years and the correct ways to clean and protect them for the future. We offer the best in category Guard-X protector application to all customers at a heavily discounted price when using our cleaning services, as we believe that this will ensure that your carpets and upholstery will stay in great condition in between our annual cleaning service. 

Small & Local

As a small family business we are fully focused on delivering a great service for our local customers. Occasionally we will come and give you a quote for a job but the majority of the time we go by our set price list as our customers tell us that they know they are going to get a very reasonable price with no extra charges. On arrival we will always take time to survey the job and ensure that we identify the right tools and techniques for every job. 


With ²D you will get a high level of aftercare service as we want to retain you as a valued customer. We are sure that you will love the service that we provide but if you have any concerns we are easy to contact and talk to, we will always return your call if we miss you and we will be committed to providing you with peace of mind.

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